Interview About Refugees

Three persons went talking with persons on the street with a camera.

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One person didn’t mind we filmed him, the other did not want to be filmed.

We asked them questions about refugees.

We brainstormed the questions on the day before and practiced the questions in our native language. This went very good. The topic was close to most people in the group and the questions were open enough to find a reply.

We asked another eight people but most of them were in a hurry or did not want to talk about the subject. People were surprised we asked this kind of questions.

The interviews went very smooth.

They said that they support the multicultural society in Croatia. It’s not about just the refugees or just the asylum seekers. Everyone should have the right to stay in the country they would like.

They told us that the information about the refugees is mostly coming from the media.

It was also striking that both people had similar responses.