Someone’s blurred memories – By Ajay

Every day, we discover a new story and every story is a journey
This is the story of my old paying guest
He always wanted to go abroad and one day he met a travel agent that could help him.
He didn’t have enough money, so he has to sell his land and give all that money to the agent

He took a flight to Madagascar and when he arrived, and airport worker help him to get applied to France using a fake passport. While in the flight, he destroyed all his documents and flush them.
When he arrived to Frances airport, the police started chasing him and he got caught. They took him to the police station and started interrogating him, but he always gave them wrong information. Then, they decided to punt him in a very small dark room and left him there hungry for three days. After that, somehow he got a lease and when he got out, he quickly went to the train station to get a traing that goes near France and Spain border. But due to lack of money, he couldn’t buy the ticket. He was constantly kicked out from the train. He stayed at the same train station for two day. A lady who worked there watched him every day, and one day decided to help him, and bought him a ticket. Then he ilegally crossed the border and came to Spain.