O1 – Handbook on youth engagement

The Handbook on youth engagement contains good practices on how to reach and attract disadvantaged young people and engage them in trainings and projects.This document includes tips and tricks for reaching out disadvantaged young people. How you reach and attract disadvantaged young people depends on several conditions, for instance, if there are any specific criteria regarding participation in your project/training (age, social background), or on their specific disadvantage.

Here we present the experience of three organisations from Belgium, Spain and Croatia with some general suggestions, but also some concrete examples from our project, such as the example of a call for participants and the criteria. These examples can help you in your work in a very practical way and we hereby provide our permission to use them.

Download the Handbook on youth engagement here!

O2 – Training methodology “Find-Tell-Act”

The training methodology “Find-Tell-Act” is the main output of the project. The Youth e-Perspectives on Migration project aims to empower young people to address sensitive contemporary societal issues (in our case migration and the  refugee crisis) and at the same time improve their digital and media skills. In this way, digital and technical skills develop in parallel with social values like active citizenship. For this purpose, we developed and implemented this methodology for a non-formal training course based on blended learning. The main part of the methodology is, implemented as face-to-face activities. It includes four interrelated digital media modules (or as we call them, workshops): Digital Journalism, Digital Photography, Digital Storytelling and Online Platforms, in which refugee crisis was our main theme. The methodology can be applied to any other “hot” societal topic that young people are faced with.

Download and read the full methodology here.

O3 – Online platform for blended learning

Youth e-Perspectives on Migration (or in short – YeP for Europe #yep4europe) online platform consists of three parts:

  • the yep4europe blog, where one can find the digital stories and blog posts created by our young participants;
  • the yep4europe learning platform, where one can find the online part of the course divided into three modules;
  • the yep4europe Facebook group, where participants stayed in touch after the training, exchanges ideas and continued their interaction.

O4 – Information on local peer-to-peer events

Three local peer-to-peer events took place in November-December 2016, where YeP young participants presented their digital stories, photos and experience of the project to their local communities.

Read more about the three events in our blog, and check out the reports attached in the project dissemination portal for more details from each event. The Belgian peer-to-peer event is also given as an example in the methodology (O2), starting from p.67 you can find a detailed first-hand explanation on all the phases of preparing and organising the event.

Download information on local peer-to-peer events here!

O5 – Guidelines for organizations on how to apply “Find-Tell-Act”

These guidelines are an accompanying document to our methodology and present our experience of applying the methodology and putting the different pieces together. It is a hands-on explanation that is aimed to guide anyone (teachers, trainers, youth workers or youth leaders) who decides to use our methodology in their work. This document includes lessons learnt, do’s and don’ts and practical tips on how to make the methodology work in practice.

Download the full guidelines here!