Regards from Marseille

I’d never had thought that as a result of my experience in Croatia, one thing I would do is a video about my grandmother, Luisa. What a brave woman. I had the luck to make this storytelling in which I speak about her journey from Marseille to Barcelona because of the World War II. I tried to bring her experience… Read more →

Youth e-Perspectives on Migration training in Zagreb

Youth e-Perspectives on Migration is one of our favorite projects. Why? Because it is about young people, digital skills and media literacy, about refugees and migration, mutual understanding, history and future. All at the same time. But let’s start from the beginning. The idea was to create a methodology for a short training course on digital photography, storytelling and journalism… Read more →

Not your usual Hotel

Today we visited the Hotel Porin, a  center for asylum seekers, to see how people live there. When we arrived, a social worker guided us around the building and showed us the different rooms, the hospital, the classes, the playing areas, the computer rooms… After we finished with our tour, we talked to some different people living there to get… Read more →

CMS Interview experience

Sara is the CMS coordinator and we did interview her Monday 11 in the Zagreb. Even if we prepared the questions previously, we had to improvise many questions while the conversation and we were quite nervous but as long as the interview took place we felt more confident. Her personality was very positive and she was passionate and clear in all answers. Who… Read more →

Interview About Refugees

Three persons went talking with persons on the street with a camera. One person didn’t mind we filmed him, the other did not want to be filmed. We asked them questions about refugees. We brainstormed the questions on the day before and practiced the questions in our native language. This went very good. The topic was close to most people… Read more →