Refugee in Brussels

I signed for the YeP project to get to know more about immigrants and immigration. I wanted to see immigrants with my own eyes and interview them. I’ve met many immigrants in the center where my mother works but I’ve noticed they all have different stories to tell. My story is about the first time I actually dared to start a conversation with them.

This project has a major impact on me: I look at refugees differently. I saw that the refugees have a hard life and that the European countries don’t want to have anything do with them. It was truly good and I learned a lot more on the refugee issues.

This story is about a woman that refuge in Brussels en say how she is now.

In Belgium, I’m in an association who help people in need. Not long ago, we went to a migrant centre. That day, we had prepared supper. Before going there I was afraid to be infected by their sadness. But in reality they were laughing like nothing had happened. At first, I found that strange. But when I met a woman from Iraq, I started to understand. She told me: “Yes, we have lost our family, friends and I even lost my husband. But life goes on and now that I live in Belgium I feel safe.

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