Not your usual Hotel

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Today we visited the Hotel Porin, a  center for asylum seekers, to see how people live there. When we arrived, a social worker guided us around the building and showed us the different rooms, the hospital, the classes, the playing areas, the computer rooms…

After we finished with our tour, we talked to some different people living there to get to know their story:  who they are, where they come from, what was their life like was and it is now, whether they feel free, safe here and how they see the future. They told us some painful stories which we would like to share with the world.

We also talked to the Red Cross representative  and social worker Branko O. We asked him some questions  to see the situation from a different angle. He  shared the experience in a very simple, positive and  sincere way. We talked about how they help the asylum seekers, about the integration problems they face and whether they face problems with them. Another issue that was brought up was integration and education of children and how the crisis is presented in the media. After our visit, we saw the situation in a different way and we hope that we can explain what is really going on.