His name was Krishan Lal

Hello everyone,

I would like to thank my parents and the entire team for the opportunity they gave me to participate in this wonderful project.

My name is Priti

I am working as an IT support and I am Indian and Mauritian as well.

I choose to present the story of my father because he is my strength and my source of inspiration.

This is not a sad story it’s the opposite .

he is part of me and shows very well the life of a refugee who just wanted a better life for his family.

I would like to take this opportunity to share a message that is close to my heart.

“Cherish your parents, love them because life is short”

And we are all refugees in one way or another.

I will even say we are all citizens of the world.

Priti – Papa from maks vzw on Vimeo.

My name is Priti, I’m a computer scientist and I am of Indian and Mauritian origin.

I participated in the YeP project because I wanted to meet refugees, be closer to them, see how it really is, because we hear a lot about them but we are not very close to them. Participating in the project Yep4Europe has given me an extra impulse to work even more with refugees and to get to know them more closely and to help them. I’ve chosen to tell the story of my father because he is my power and inspiration. This is not a sad story, on the contrary. He is part of me and his story is that of a refugee that only wanted the best for his family. Cherish your parents, love them because life is short and in one way or the other, we’re all refugees. We’re all citizens of the world.

Text Priti:
“His name was Krishan Lal and he left his studies at the age of 12 to work as a farmer. At 16 he left India to go to Europe to find a better job and earn more money to help his family. He had a long and hard journey. He travelled through Holland, Germany and then he finally reached Belgium. After a few years of struggle he received papers to stay in Belgium. He met a wonderful woman who became his wife and they had 3 kids together. He worked as a chef in Brussels for 25 years. When he was on holiday he used to cook and invite everyone to share his tasty cuisine. There were always leftovers. He could bring you a world of happiness. He was a wonderful brother. He organised the weddings of his 4 sisters and 3 brothers. He was a very caring father and a loving husband. In 2011 he had a heart attack and died on the spot. His wife and children didn’t get the chance to say goodbye as they were in France. His love was unconditional and will always remain in everyone hearts.This wonderful, simple, honest, funny and generous person is my dad. His story is part of mine. I’m so proud to have his name and to be his daughter.